The importance of... Metering Rollers

Only the best is good enough for your MPS printing press. To optimize your press and maximize printing productivity, we offer the highest quality tooling, ancillary equipment and consumables – with the ability to order direct from MPS! With no secondary supplier, we provide guaranteed quality and delivery terms.  

What is it?

Metering rollers, also known as fountain rollers or inking rollers, are metal bars coated with rubber that directly contact ink from the ink tray during the printing process. Ink is transferred onto the metering roller, which then applies a specific amount of ink to the anilox in the subsequent printing step.

MPS meter rollers
Why is this important?

Having high-quality metering rollers is crucial because their function, along with the doctor blade, is to ink and distribute an equal layer of ink on the anilox. When this component malfunctions, it can affect the entire printing system. To prolong the lifespan of metering rollers, it's essential to use them with the correct impression to the anilox roller. Improper cleaning can lead to dried ink buildup, resulting in printing inaccuracies and quality issues. To ensure optimal cleaning, investing in effective equipment is recommended. MPS offers a cleaning tray capable of holding up to10 meter rollers, along with ink scrapers.

Regularly checking the performance of metering rollers and replacing worn-out ones can help maintain printing accuracy and quality. MPS offers a universal type of roller suitable for all job types, as well as a golf pattern meter roller for white printing.

Maintenance Tips

Once introduced into the cleaning tray, metering rollers can be cleaned using a cloth and UV cleaner. It's crucial not to overlook the ball bearings on the sides during cleaning. Failure to clean them properly can result in incorrect turning, affecting the entire printing process. While changing a metering roller may be time-consuming, if the ball bearings do not turn correctly, they should be replaced with new ones.

Dual Functionality of MPS Metering Rollers

MPS metering rollers serve a dual purpose. Apart from controlling the ink amount on the anilox, when not in use, they can function as nip rollers for the MPS lamination unit.

Customers worldwide choose MPS for its user-friendly operation, exceptional printing quality, and high return on investment offered by its robust printing presses. In addition to hardware, MPS provides tooling like metering rollers, specifically designed to meet its rigorous quality standards. The advantage of MPS metering rollers lies in their exclusivity—they are manufactured solely for MPS printing presses.

On average, there an approximately 2 changes of ink trays and meter rollers required per job. This results in a saving of approximately 15 minutes per job. For a customer with an average number of manned hours, average job length and average production speeds, this translates to a saving of € 100.000+ per year, and a production volume growth of approximately 10%.

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