Whitepaper: Multi-layer labels

Maximizing interaction space with multi-layer labels

Multi-layer labels, also known as peel & reveal labels, peel & seal labels, and piggyback labels are a cost-effective solution—especially for smaller products—because they efficiently share additional information and incentives in a small space without adding extra bulky packaging.

Leopold der Nederlanden, MPS Training Centre Manager explains in this whitepaper why multi-layer labels are growing in popularity, the various ways to produce them, and how the productivity of multi-layer label production can be improved.

In this whitepaper, you'll learn:

  • Key benefits of Multi-layer labels

  • Effective ways multi-layer labels can extend the value of a product

  • The vast range of applications for multi-layer labels

  • Variety of ways to print multi-layer labels with proven MPS technologies

  • How to determine the best process to produce multi-layer labels, with the advantages and disadvantages explained

  • 24-7 valuable insights with MPSConnect that increase your competitive advantages and maximize your profits

Discover if letterpress or flexo printing is the best option for your business— download the whitepaper.

Download Whitepaper: Multi-layer Labels

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