High quality print with flexibility

Added value in quality

Offset printing provides high-quality images and flexibility in label material.Four advantages of offset printing are:

  1. Guarantees high-quality images: Out of all the printing processes, offset printing produces the highest quality of print and is repeatable from low to high speeds.

  2. Low-cost plates: The plates used in offset printing are inexpensive, and reusable. Therefore, a good option for short and long run printing jobs.

  3. Fast turnaround: Fast turnaround times can be achieved with offset presses running extremely fast with high-quality printing.

  4. Print flexibility: With offset, you can print on different substrates from self-adhesive, paper, polys, nylon, fabrics, wood, and more. The image is transferred to a blanket and then the substrate.

“Within one day after the initial print runs, our operator was already able to print independently on the new EXL-variable sleeve offset press, with minimal assistance from the MPS operator. All unique features were immediately visible and we were very impressed with the user-friendliness of the machine and the minimum quantity of waste.”
Thomas Aleithe, CEO Aleithe Haftetiketten GmbHGermany

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