Hot and cold foil

For label embellishing

Make your labels stand out

Hot or cold foil is an embellishment process used in the printing industry to make labels and products more distinct and attractive to the customer. The process can also be used to apply security features.

Hot foil

The flexible positioning hot foil unit is simple to use and does not interfere with press flexibility by tying up a print unit when in use. It essentially provides you with an extra colour.

Benefits of the hot foil unit are higher production speeds, eccentric fine tuning of stamping tension during printing that provides the operator on-the-run setting adjustments, and the use of full width foil cylinders and segmented engraved rings.

Cold foil

The cold foil application process is relatively new compared with hot foil but offers the same look using a different process.

This is done using a flexographic printing unit which applies an adhesive using a heavier anilox. Different thicknesses of adhesive are required depending on the image and image size, e.g.: for broad areas, a lower line count is needed.

Machines suitable for hot and cold foiling

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