Whitepaper: Letterpress versus Flexo Printing

How to choose the best option for your business

More and more, labels become a way for brands to achieve a market specific approach late in the supply chain. This means shorter runs, and the ability for label converters to turn around a job quickly, given late-stage new designs, personalization of labels and/or label functionality requirements.

With many printing technologies to choose from, it sometimes can be hard to define what option is the best for your business. In this whitepaper, you'll learn about letterpress versus flexo technology, and when how to choose the best option for your business.

In this whitepaper, you'll learn:

  • The letterpress printing process
  • The flexo printing process
  • Advantages and disadvantages of both letterpress- and flexo printing
  • How to choose between letterpress and flexo
  • How to switch from letterpress to flexo printing

Discover if letterpress or flexo printing is the best option for your business— download the whitepaper.

Download Whitepaper: Letterpress VS Flexo

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