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Determining which print technologies and converting applications are best for your press can be overwhelming.

To help navigate your options, the below white papers packed with valuable insights are available to download.

Securing the future of your label business through product diversification

From diversification within labels - smart/interactive, peel and reveal, shrink sleeves - to new packaging formats - flexibles, folding cartons and some lightweight corrugated - there's an almost endless array of opportunities.

This whitepaper looks at why, how, and where label and narrow web printers can open new revenue streams by diversifying their product range.

Letterpress versus Flexo Printing: How to choose the best option for your business

More and more, labels become a way for brands to achieve a market specific approach late in the supply chain. This means shorter runs, and the ability for label converters to turn around a job quickly, given late-stage new designs, personalization of labels and/or label functionality requirements.

With many printing technologies to choose from, it sometimes can be hard to define what option is the best for your business.

Maximizing interaction space with multi-layer labels

Multi-layer labels, also known as peel & reveal labels, peel & seal labels, and piggyback labels are a cost-effective solution—especially for smaller products—because they efficiently share additional information and incentives in a small space without adding extra bulky packaging.

Learn why multi-layer labels are growing in popularity, the various ways to produce them, and how the productivity of multi-layer label production can be improved.

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This is how we evolve: connect to grow, together.

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