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We provide not only service, we deliver care.

The best personal support

A printing press is a significant investment in your business, and you need the confidence of ongoing support. Rest assured, at MPS our service engineers are experts who know exactly how to care for your press.

  • Regular maintenance
  • Problem-solving helpdesk
  • Spare parts
  • Training programs for press operators

Focus on your operators

Did you know that your operator’s motivation is key to a successful end product? Keeping their knowledge up to par therefore is an important part of your business success.

We offer various training programs for operators and engineers. From a basic operator training at MPS in the Netherlands to an online course.

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Call us

Our HelpDesk experts are at your service for immediate machine support or general service inquiries. Click the link below for convenient direct connection to our service hotline or dial +31(0)267601505. Call our HelpDesk now

Remote support

All MPS presses in the field can be connected to our expert care team. Via our remote diagnostics and logs, we can see exactly how your press is performing and determine any issues. Email us

Expert service engineers

A printing press is a significant investment in your business. All our service engineers are trained in our dedicated Technology & Expertise Centre in The Netherlands and are employed world-wide.Email us

Global service network

Our global service network from our international offices and network of local agents are factory trained, highly experienced engineers that make sure your press is always up and running.MPS worldwide representative

Spare parts

We provide critical spare parts tailored to your specific press requirements. A popular and valuable option with the sale of each MPS press is the Red Box to ensure you always have parts on site.Email us

Frequently asked questions

We’re here to help. Find answers to frequently asked questions about our company, technologies, service, and how we can help ensure the best reliability and productivity from your printing press.More information
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Connect to Grow

By connecting with MPS as your performance partner, you ensure the best in reliability and productivity from your printing press. Connect with our machines to create insights in productivity. Connect with our service for maximum uptime. Connect with our specialists to create access to knowledge and expertise.

This is how we evolve: connect to grow, together. 

Speak with our specialist

Do you have aquestion about one of our presses? Wondering if our machines can accommodate a special application? Looking for more information about our MPSConnect connectivity services and performance improvements? Whatever you need, our team of print experts are here to assist you.