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How do I reach your service department?

Our service team is ready to assist you around the world!

Send your request to service@mps-printing.com.

This is a central address and is the starting point for all your Service-related questions or Helpdesk issues.

Alternatively, you can call our Service department at:

Europe: +31 – (0)26 760 15 05

Americas: +1 (844) 465-7035

Asia: +60 3 5870 3148

Can I order tooling, ancillary equipment, and consumables direct from MPS?

Yes! To optimize your press and maximize printing productivity, we offer the highest quality tooling, ancillary equipment and consumables – with the ability to order direct from MPS!

Send your requirements to us at tooling@mps-printing.com .

How do I find a local MPS representative in my country?

We have a large network of global distributors and agents. Find your local MPS representative here or send a request to info@mps-printing.com.

What is MPSConnect?

MPSConnect is our innovative connectivity technology designed to provide 24-7 valuable real-time insights of your MPS printing press. Based on these results, we can help you optimize performance and decrease waste.

Find out more here.

What is the MPS Performance Program and how do I join?

The MPS Performance Program helps our customers ensure long-term efficiencies and productivity from their press and operators.

To find out more and join, contact us at mpsconnect@mps-printing.com .