CEO Transition at MPS

Atze Bosma into a New Role as Michiel Borst Takes the Helm

Arnhem, November 1st, 2023 – Atze Bosma, a respected leader within MPS, has formally shared his decision with the company’s shareholders to step into a new role within the organisation, effective as of December 1st, 2023. Atze’s decision follows a period of remarkable success, marked by his tireless efforts to build organizational foundations and progressing MPS’s “Connect to Grow” vision.

A transition and future role at MPS

While Atze successfully guided MPS for five years through multiple, often complex phases, he now recognizes that MPS is ready for a new phase, where this vision will be continued. As a result, Atze will join the Supervisory Board as chairman, to provide strategic advisory support and may evolve to meet the organization’s needs. In his new role Atze will remain a significant contributor to the company’s long-term vision and strategy.

Atze Bosma

Michiel Borst

Michiel Borst: Leading the way for MPS’s stability and continuity

In the best interest of MPS the shareholders have expressed a strong preference for appointing the next CEO from within the organization. As a result, Michiel Borst (currently CFO within MPS) has been identified as Atze’s successor, a decision that guarantees stability and continuity for the organisation. The shareholders are highly enthusiastic about Michiel’s commitment to accepting this new role.

Michiel brings a wealth of experience as an accomplished executive with a demonstrated track record in various industries. Over the course of his four-year tenure with MPS, he has collaborated closely with Atze on matters encompassing both operational and strategic facets.

MPS has transformed from a traditional machine builder into a comprehensive service provider for its valued customers, aligning with MPS’s “Connect to Grow” vision. Michiel looks forward to further build upon this foundation with support of Atze in his new role.

Contact Information for Further Inquiries

For additional information on this CEO transition, please contact the designated contact person within our company.

Kind regards,
Atze Bosma and Michiel Borst