MPS appoints new representatives in Croatia and Slovenia

Following MPS strategy to deliver the best service worldwide, MPS has appointed d.o.o. as its new local agent in Croatiaand its sister company Bisson grafik d.o.o. as the sub-agent in Slovenia.

“GRAFIKnet and Bisson grafik are well-known partners in Croatia and Slovenia and have vast experience in providing pre-press and digital solutions to printers,” said Sebastiaan Rakhorst, MPS Area Sales Manager. “With representation of our high quality presses, MPS Connect and Performance Programs, GRAFIKnet and Bisson grafik can bring many benefits to the Croatian and Slovenian markets.”

With ‘Connect to Grow’ as its new brand promise since 2021, MPS enables customers to unleash the full potential from their printing presses to gain maximum performance and maximum return on investment.

“When in discussions about high quality narrow-web presses, MPS is always the name printers mention,” said Kreso Culjak, CEO of GRAFIKnet. “They are known as a leading press manufacturer and a thought leader in connectivity and IoT.”

“At GRAFIKnet, we cooperate only with worldwide, well-known top brands—MPS is the performance partner we were looking for” said Nikola Paulic, Product Manager of GRAFIKnet.

“We have mutual thinking that is needed to achieve the biggest market share in our market.” said Antonio Zadro, Sales Manager of GRAFIKnet.

“Now with MPS in our portfolio, we can offer the full gamut of machinery to the flexo industry as a more enhanced total solution,” said Klemen Bister, CEO of Bisson grafik. “This translates into even more competitive advantages for our customers.”

Rakhorst concluded: “GRAFIKnet has experienced engineers to provide firsthand support to our local customers. Our plan is to establish an MPS Authorized Technical Service Center for the complete region in the near future.With both GRAFIKnetandBisson grafik, we can provide our customers local support and high-level MPS performance solutions. We look forwardto a successful cooperation.”

Image from left to right: Antonio Zadro, CEO of, Sebastiaan Rakhorst -MPS, Klemen Bister - Bissongrafik and Nikola Paulic -

About d.o.o.

Founded in 2000, GRAFIKnet d.o.o. is a graphic industry leader in Croatia and the Adriatic region. Representing Kodak as an exclusive distributor and many other leading suppliers in the graphic industry, GRAFIKnet is a well-known one-stop-shop for pre-press graphic solutions.

Over 120 clients ranging in size recognize GRAFIKnet as a reliable partner, including small, medium and large printers, pre-press studios, marketing agencies and other businesses requiring effective graphic solutions.

“Our reputation for long-term partnership has been built on a professional and tailor-made approach to our clients, as well as continuous investment in our consulting services, customer support, service staff, and broad portfolio.”,said Antonio Zadro, Sales Manager of GRAFIKnet.

Bisson grafik is a sister company of, with headquarter in Ljubljana, Slovenia.