MPS Thrives at LabelExpo 2023: Trailblazing Innovation and Sustainable Triumph

In the ever-evolving realm of label printing, LabelExpo serves as the epicenter of innovation and transformation for the industry. Looking back on MPS Systems’participation at LabelExpo 2023, it becomes evident that this year marked an extraordinary turning point for the company. MPS embarked on a new era characterized by innovation, sustainability, and unparalleled success.

Pioneers in sustainability

For the first time in its history, MPS Systems decided not to showcase a machine on-site at LabelExpo. This bold move was a testament to their pioneering spirit and unwavering commitment to sustainability. MPS firmly believes that displaying a machine with wasteful demonstrations is not aligned with their sustainability goals. Their decision to leave the machine at home underscores their dedication to finding eco-friendly solutions in an industry that often grapples with environmental challenges. MPS has shown that innovation can coexist harmoniously with sustainability.

Sales success and customer recognition

LabelExpo 2023 was not just a departure from tradition; it was a resounding success. MPS Systems’ commitment to performance and innovation was recognized and celebrated by their valued customers. They achieved exceptional sales success during the event, with multiple orders pouring in. This underscores the trust their customers place in their solutions and affirms that their focus on delivering top-tier performance continues to set them apart in the market.  Your Profit, Our Concern.

A record year and expansion

The past year was a historic one for MPS , and the company is not resting on its laurels. Their unwavering pursuit of excellence has propelled them to new heights. MPS is thrilled to announce that the company is in a phase of growth, actively seeking fresh talent to join their team. This expansion underscores their determination to push boundaries and establish new industry standards. MPS is not merely looking to meet the demands of the present but to shape the future of label printing.

MPS is hiring

MPS VIP Event - A Memorable Success

Concurrent with their participation at LabelExpo, the MPS VIP Event emerged as an unforgettable highlight. It brought together industry leaders, partners, and customers in an atmosphere of collaboration and innovation. The tremendous success of the event reaffirmed MPS Systems’ position as an industry frontrunner, dedicated to fostering valuable connections and knowledge-sharing.

In summary, LabelExpo 2023 transcended being a mere event; it was a testament to MPS’spioneering spirit, sustainability commitment, and unwavering pursuit of extraordinary success. As they continue to shatter records, expand their horizons, and welcome new talent into their growing family, they stand poised to lead the industry into a future that promises innovation, sustainability, and prosperity for all.