Showcase Connectivity and Performance Service at LabelExpo 2023

MPS SYSTEMS BV, a global leader in printing technology, is excited to announce its participation in LabelExpo 2023, where it will unveil its groundbreaking Connectivity and Performance service. The event is scheduled to take place in Brussels from September 11th to 14th September. Under the heading ‘Your Profit. Our Concern’, MPS SYSTEMS BV will demonstrate its commitment to optimal machine performance in the flexo press sector.

With a reputation for being at the forefront of the industry since its establishment in 1996, MPS has earned recognition for delivering the best quality, service, and innovation to its customers worldwide. Besides building the best machines, MPS has been focusing on performance for years. Why? Because increasing machine performance results in higher profits. With an average Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) of 20%, there is huge potential for the market to improve efficiency.

It starts with Connectivity

MPS is the first in the industry who invested in Connectivity. Based on 150 + connected machines, MPS keeps learning every day. Customers get a 360° view on the performance status of their machines.

Improvement potential

Improvement potential and cost savings become clear to customers with a benchmark and a performance quick scan. MPS benchmarks the machinery against peers on 20+ KPIs to identify where the printing company stands compared to others in a specific market segment. With the performance quick scan, customers get a full assessment of the performance of their production facility on more than 100+ criteria.

MPS supports customers to maximize performance
Based on the improvement potential, MPS supports customers to maximize performance. MPS' connectivity platform enables customers to apply artificial intelligence in machine operation. This is a big step forward. With the Virtual Coach, MPS can provide personalized and real-time operator guidance to the machine operator. The Virtual Coach is developed on a continuous basis and ensures customers always have access to the fastest learning operator trainer in the world!

150+ MPS customers benefit from a 30% profitability increase
150+ MPS customers have experienced a significant reduction in job setup time by 20 minutes, an average production volume increase of 2.5 million meters per year, and a waste reduction of 80 meters per job. This sustainable approach brings MPS closer to their environmental goals. The total profit increases with 30% per year by higher production volumes and reduced costs per label.

Operator is using the VirtualCoach

At LabelExpo, MPS SYSTEMS BV will offer an in-depth presentation on the connectivity and performance service."If our aim is to empower our customers to maximize profit through efficiency and performance improvements, we must lead by example. Moving a complete machine and the associated waste that this brings during the fair does not align with our idea of efficiency and sustainability. We are thrilled to present our connectivity and performance service at LabelExpo 2023," said Atze Bosma, CEO at MPS SYSTEMS BV. "We invite all attendees to visit our booth and discover how MPS can revolutionize their printing operations."

LabelExpo 2023 provides an excellent opportunity for industry professionals to learn more about performance and connectivity service and engage with MPS SYSTEMS BV’s team of experts. The event will take place from September 11th to 14th at Belgiënplein 1, 1020 Brussels (Belgium) - Hall 11, Booth B19.

For media inquiries or to schedule an interview with MPS SYSTEMS BV, please contact:

Richard Miedema
Sales Director
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